Christmas 2013

As of the 17th of this month Kitty and I have been together for 3.5 years and have been engaged for half a year, my does time fly by. Once again my beautiful fiance has surprised me and surpassed my most wildest dreams with the gift she has gotten me. She got me a tablet, and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am. This amazing woman knows me so well and knows how to get me every time.

I love this woman more and more every day. We couldn't be more perfect for each other. She completes me in every single way. Every day spent with this woman makes me realize what a godsend she is. She treats me amazingly and I can't wait till we get married (more on that to come later).

As for now I'll leave you with this. My finance has once again made me the happiest man alive and I love her more and more. This has been the best Christmas ever for me.


Don Oerkfitz

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