In Death Comes Life

Yesterday we lost a member of our family ... We lost Victoria the fish (Kitty's). Kitty was very upset as both our lives have been plagued by many deaths (both family and non). So her fish passing struck a nerve and it was very hard to get over. We bought Victoria when we bough Vlad a little over a year ago and she was as much a part of our family as is any other pet. We will remember her forever. R.I.P.

However, in death brings about life. And with that we welcome the newest member of our family Oz. Oz is another betta fish that Kitty fell in love with moment she saw him. I guess you can say she saw Victoria in him and that made her heart swell. Now Oz in no way can ever replace Victoria but he can fill some of the void that was left by Victoria's passing. Welcome to the family Oz may you be with us for a good long time :-)

Don Oerkfitz

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