Mystery Novel - [Prologue]

Desmond awoke suddenly. He looked around groggily wondering why he had woken up. He looked at the clock, 3:00 am it read.

Most nights he had no problems sleeping, but tonight, tonight felt off. There was something in the air and he could not place this weird feeling about it. He laid there and pondered it for a bit, trying to place why he felt so weird, and after an hour of just laying there he gave up and passed back out.

Several hours later he awoke.

He got out of bed and put on his glasses and walked to his computer terminal. He tapped a key on the keyboard and the monitors awoke and started to glow as they warmed back up after their sleep.

After logging in, there was a prompt on his screen: "Please Enter Password to Decrypt". He entered his password again, this time to allow for his hard drives to decrypt. After going through this ritual, he finally opened his email and read the first one in his inbox, subject line: "Please Help".

Usually when Desmond received these types of emails, they were spam. You know, those ones where there is some sob story that ended with it asking you to send thousands of dollars to some random account to help whoever it was that was trying to steal your information or money. However, there was something different about this email. It read differently than the spam ones, it felt differently.

It felt .... real.

Don Oerkfitz

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